Re: Fedora Core 4 coming . . . sunset, infrastructure issues . . . meeting?

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Hi Matthew,

I think it would be great if you did that.  Would you mind doing it when I can be online to chat with you about the process while you perform it?  I would like to document this process for our wiki / documentation efforts so going forward, we will have information about how one goes about doing this.

Is there some kind of coordination that needs to happen between Fedora Legacy and
the bugzillameister, dkl (David Lawrence) of Red Hat?

Thanks, Matthew!            Kind regards,
                            David Eisenstein

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> On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 08:51:15PM -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
> > > 5) Are there other items, either of a technical or political nature we
> > > need to do before we become the stewards of Fedora Core 4's security
> > > and critical bug fix updates?
> > I don't know.  Community?
> I'm really sorry I haven't had the time to contribute to Legacy that I've
> wanted to. 
> However, one thing I can do is the big-bugzilla-triage thing I did for FC2,
> where I post a warning and move all the bugs to NEEDINFO. This seemed to be
> very successful the first time around, but I never did it for FC3.
> There are currently 971 FC3 bugs open (+148 against FC3-test versions) and
> 1560 FC4 bugs (+136 against FC4-test). 
> Also, there's 35 FC2 bugs either filed since the cutoff or else incorrectly
> reopened or just marked wrong. I'll deal with those too.
> Anyone have any opinion on this?
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