RE: Friday Flames - What to do with RHL7.3/9 and FC1/2

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Some what off my last place of employment....we also have a
production server hosting a variety of critical databases and apps (such as
CRM), and web servers.  (oh yeah, it also does license key generation....)

The machine is almost old enough to drive (just needs to the older machine next
to it to get a license).  Upgrading the OS and hardware would be easy, but it
is all the stuff on the system that isn't.  The database software won't run on
the new OS, and the new software is different enough that it won't be a dump
and load.  Plus the old interfaces are no longer
supported....FORTRAN/COBOL....though I'm pretty sure I recall that the modules
are available to existing customers....  Also architectural changes, mean the
old OS won't run on new hardware, and the new OS won't run on this

Now those of that had to maintain this beast...had lobbied to get the machine
upgraded.  Except that it is expensive in time and money to do the migration
right and minimize downtime (I remember the last OS upgrade, having to come in
at 2am on a Sunday....) ...instead in a cost cutting measure by the
company....we all lost our jobs.

So, this machine continues to live as is.....ignoring the fact that every time
there's a significant power outage (and summer is just around the
corner)....the machine goes down and loses at least one hard drive (and
recovery has been to steal parts from the older computer next to it).

What's that the request to buy the new machine did get approved at
some now it is sitting idle somewhere.  At one time, there was talk
of bring one of us back as a consultant to do the upgrade.  But, they haven't
gotten the funding approval to do it yet...and I'm not going to be around
forever (since I'm in the process of moving to a new Unix SA job out of
state)...and the other main SA was pretty disgruntled when he got notice (he
was the last person left, so he thought he was safe....except that we were all
SA's not working under the formal IT org...they got rid of that person in
December of 1999 after he finished all the Y2K patching)

So, the RH7.3 boxes...are only about 4-4.5 years they still have a
dozen years of life expected out of them. Though the hardware is older than
that, because they had gone through the hand me down process a couple of times,
before nobody wanted to have them on their desks.  I remember starting in '98
with a P75 running NT as my desktop (though it mainly did MS Word and Outlook,
had an IBM RS6K model 25T as my workstation).  Maybe when those dozen years go
by, they can afford to have consultants in to upgrade them. I've been packing up my mess....I finally found my Red Hat 7.3 I'm now a step closer to building another RH7.3 box.




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