Re: Friday Flames - What to do with RHL7.3/9 and FC1/2

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On 6/14/06, Tim Thome <tthome@xxxxxxx> wrote:
My last words on the subject...

The RH9 GA Release, as far as I can tell, was 03/31/03. Putting RH's
timeline for life-cycle, maintenance should be carried on for a
minimum of 5 years.

I am trying ot find where the 5 years comes from. The only promises of
support I remember for 5 years was for people who were paying RHN
contracts and that was worded that the updates would be available on
the RHN server for 5 years.

I think this is probably unreasonable, as the team's resources are
limited, which is why we're having this discussion.

I agree. The largest burden of engineering costs at any company is
maintenance support. My take is that RHEL-2 and RHEL-3 are actually
the larger time/money sinks for Red Hat because of this.. I know that
trying to get fixes out for RHL5.2 during 6.x was a major pain and
caused delays for other things back then.

Stephen J Smoogen.
CSIRT/Linux System Administrator



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