Re: Friday Flames - What to do with RHL7.3/9 and FC1/2

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if i'm correct, the fedora project philosophy is to bring out 'experimental' releases with very short release cycles where as the old RHL releases were official and stable releases. both got picked up by the legacy group for legacy support, which is great ofcourse.

so dropping older fedora releases shouldn't be a problem, i mean, nobody would actually run an experimental release as a stable server would they?
(i know people are actually doing this but that's the risk they took.)

with RHL 7.3/9 it's a different story, lot's of companies installed them on their servers still expecting a certain period of support (what is it currently for RHEL? 7 years?) but then redhat changed course and decided to drop support all together.

the company i work for still has a few rhl 7.3 servers in a production enviroment. these servers are doing exactly what they are suppost to do and have no need for software enhancements, just the security fixes. of course it is obvious that the security updates won't be there for ever and migrating them to another OS won't be much of a hassle but still needs to be planned well ahead and the new servers need to be tested thoroughly ofcourse.
so, a few months notice before dropping support would be very appreciated :)

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