Re: Friday Flames - What to do with RHL7.3/9 and FC1/2

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Normally, I'm very patient.  But, this just rubs me the wrong way.

"Have we lost sight of our purpose?"  This is Fedora Legacy, which
supports older unsupported versions past their 6-month window with
Fedora group.  I think the support if too burdensome should be DROPPED
if not needed.  No more talking or ranting about weather to support
something after its short life.  This would probably give Fedora a big
boost; because, either everyone would end up in Fedora group or
nowhere at all.  Full effort towards a new linux and not complaining
about the old stuff that works.

That said,
I've been very happy with FC5 at home.  Past the installation issues,
everything is working much better as a whole with FC5 than I thought.
I still can't use it at work; because, I would have to write a kernel
driver for the serial card I use in the PC.  But, I'm thinking more
and more about just replacing it with a new supported card.

I agree the work load is difficult and time consuming, but that will
build better customer support.  Imagine if RedHat or any other vendor
said "When we offer a new operating system version, you either upgrade
or get out of the way!"  I don't think there would be many followers
after a few updates.

- --James

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