Re: Friday Flames - What to do with RHL7.3/9 and FC1/2

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On Fri, 9 Jun 2006, Jesse Keating wrote:

As we approach FC6 Test2, we should make a decision wrt RHL7.3/9 and
FC1/2.  We've been supporting these releases for a while now, and
they've grown pretty long in the tooth, even by Legacy standards.  Our
lifetime policy would dictate that FC1 should be gone already, and FC2
would go when we pick up FC4, so that we're only supporting FC3 and FC4.
The RHL releases are a different matter.

RHL we agreed to support for a long period of time, however that time
may be up.  Personally I would really like to see these go, as they take
up a lot of our time when trying to push updates, we get very little
help, and updates are increasingly more difficult to do.  I would like
to hear discussion on if we should continue supporting it, how we can
make it easier to support, and a reasonable endpoint to the support, an
exit strategy.

as has been noted, the FC versions have always had a clearly-defined "end-of-legacy-life" timetable, and i have no issue dropping them. we may not have kept to our timetable, but noone can claim (s)he didn't know about it.

RH has not had such a timetable. nothing lasts for ever, so if it's felt we should drop them, i can happily get behind that decision - but i would ask that we give three months' warning.

declaration of interest: i myself have a RH9 prod system, which i would prefer not to migrate, but can do within three months if need be. i also have responsibility for a huge stack of RH73 prod systems, which i suspect the owners simply won't migrate. if i give them three months' notice, and they do nothing, that's their problem; if i only give them four weeks, that's sort of my problem as well.

Whatever we decide wrt RHL7.3/9 and FC1/2, if we decide to continue the
support, that continuation would have to be on our existing

which i guess is why i'm happy to sanction the end of RH support; i just ask that it be on a slightly more production timetable than "here's FC6, what a good time to drop RH".


  Tom Yates
  Cambridge, UK.



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