Re: Friday Flames - What to do with RHL7.3/9 and FC1/2

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On Fri, 2006-06-09 at 21:24 -0700, Tim Thome wrote:

> There needs to be an end for 7.3, along with Fedora Core Releases 1  
> and 2, but there are non-hobby people and organizations that need  
> extended legacy support for RH9.

I'll translate this as

"I use rh9, still"

Is that a good translation?

> My recommendation would be to end support for RH7.3 concurrently with  
> FC1 and FC2, and we can sunset RH9 when we EOL support for FC3. RH9  
> users should be gently prodded to move on to RHEL, or to another  
> linux distribution (CentOS for example).

when fc6 comes out rh9 users will have had almost 4 years to move to
another distro or something newer.

rh9 is in a persistent vegetative state. It's time to pull the plug.




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