Re: Ok, folks: Mozilla and Firefox support for Legacy -- what is your pleasure?

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> Hi folks,
> Pardon my top-posting.  We may have some options here for the relatively-
> newly-discovered Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey vulnerabilities, and
> I'd like to get a feel for what you all would like to do?
> (I believe) Red Hat is backporting patches for the Mozilla-1.7.13 / Firefox-
> 1.0.8 packages that we just (belatedly) released yesterday...  (and perhaps
> for Thunderbird too?)  But then after these patches, my under- standing then
> is that that's the end-of-the-line for RHEL-supported Mozilla-1.7.13/
> {Firefox,Thunderbird}-1.0.8 packages.  And there is no way that we have the
> kind of expertise to extend support beyond what RHEL can do on these
> products....

The only potentially critical issue for Thunderbird is this one:

We don't plan on fixing this for RHEL4 since there is double free detection
in newish glibc, turning this issue into a crash (which is not critical).

Anything after and including FC3 should have this protection, but nothing

As a heads up, I recently learned of this page:

It seems we can expect the next round of pain on 2006-07-19.  That's a
fairly aggressive date so it may slip, but should be near that date.




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