New sendmail and missing /usr/lib/sendmail

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Just a heads up: after installing the sendmail-8.12.11-4.24.1.legacy
package on a RH9 machine today, I noticed /usr/lib/sendmail was gone. 
This will break anything that's expecting it to be there. 

In my case, symlinking  /usr/lib/sendmail --> /usr/sbin/sendmail fixed
the problem.


Marc Deslauriers wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 10:29 -0800, Kenneth Porter wrote:
>> For those of us accepting mail from outside on pre-FC4 Fedora, are any 
>> updates in the pipe to address this?
> Packages have been created and QA'd. They will be pushed to
> updates-testing soon.
> You may follow progress here:
> Marc.
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