Re: 1-2-3 out, time for FC2?

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On Tuesday 21 March 2006 23:34, Nils Breunese (Lemonbit Internet) wrote:
> Mike McCarty wrote:
> > I have an FC2 machine which is my main machine. I don't have
> > another, and no finances to get another, so I don't help
> > with testing. OTOH, due to recent discussion regarding changes
> > to QA policy, I'm not pulling from FL at the moment, so that
> > may negate couting my machine.
> Why don't you update to a newer Fedora Core release?
> Nils.

Hi Nils. Personally I take offense at someone telling me to get a better 
distro. I see this a lot on forums. Someone asking a question to solve a 
problem, and some idiot replying back with, "upgrade" why don't you 
"upgrade". I've been using FC1, and FC2 for quite some time and am quite 
happy with them. In more recent times FC3, which on one machine continually 
crashes kicker (the panel) when logging out. FC4 was an absolute nightmare to 
install, as my cyberbladei1 card with the trident driver didn't appear to be 
supported. Had to change the driver to vesa to get X going. Only after doing 
the upgrades was I able to change the driver back to trident, so I'm not too 
impressed with either FC3, or FC4. I appreciate that there is a limit to how 
many RH, and Fedora versions that Fedora Legacy can cope with. If they drop 
FC1, and FC2, I will still continue to use them. It will be sad not having 
security support for them, and am not clued up enough to sort this out for 
myself, but so be it. Fernando at planetccrma has similar problems, dealing 
with music apps for RH9, FC1,2,3,and now 4, plus x86_64 on some of those. 
Logically the maintainers have to call a halt somewhere, but I will continue 
to use FC1, and FC2, supported or not. 

Incidentally there are still folks out there using MS DOS, and Win95, even 
though that is no longer supported. They are happy with it, and I hope have 
sufficient 3rd party security in place, but it's their choice, and no one 
should be forcing them to change.

I'm only a home user, so perhaps am not so concerned as someone using FC1, FC2 
in the corporate environment, but am sure that there are a certain number of 
Linux IT guys and gals out there who are quite capable of sorting out 
security fixes for FC1, and 2 if and when they are dropped by Fedora Legacy.

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