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On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 13:39 -0600, Eric Rostetter wrote:
> The changes to the overview are in the wiki.  Has not helped one bit.
> The previous "idea" which you created was that we created docs in the
> wiki (easy to do, let's everyone collaborate, etc) and when finished
> they are moved to the web...

Ah, this was a poor idea on my part.  We shouldn't have had a two stage
process.  It is changed on the wiki and should be good on the Wiki.  No
need to copy it back to a static web page.

> > Yes
> > you can do this now with our website, but there is one you, and it is
> > non trivial to add more people to the current web system to be able to
> > do updates and such.
> Whether that is true or not doesn't matter, as it is not relevant to the
> issue.  I'm talking about a document in the wiki, which no one has bothered
> to approve over the course of years...  A document that is supposed to
> define our group and our purpose.  A document who's official version which
> is on the web is comically out of date.
> This is not a web issue.  This is a leadership issue, and a participation
> issue.  Not having updated our overview makes us look bad, makes us
> look unprofessional, makes us look like a dead project.

Again, this is a failure on perhaps my part, not realizing that there
was something I was supposed to approve.  People looking on the wiki see
our updated content.  We can update the wiki much quicker and be a much
more 'live' project.  Carrying around a static website that takes effort
to change is what slows things down IMHO.

> Similarly, I feel moving to the wiki will make us look bad, and make us
> look unprofessional, but maybe at least it will get someone to edit pages
> and at least we might not look so dead...  So there might be at least
> one upside to it.

The reality of it is we are NOT a professional project.  We are a
community project put together by community collaboration.  A wiki
system is for exactly that, community collaboration.

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