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Re: kernel.git: add "version-release" tags?

On Mon, 2012-04-23 at 08:37 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
> [...] There is an opportunity for some service to listen for 
> successful builds from koji and create matching tags in git, however the 
> mentioned fedpkg gitbuildhash is a useful way to directly get to the 
> hash used for a build.
> What you may have missed was that gitbuildhash doesn't take a git /tag/, 
> it takes an rpm n-v-r, so you can literally do:
> $ fedpkg gitbuildhash $(rpm -q --qf="%{sourcerpm}\n" kernel |head -1|sed 
> -e s/.src.rpm//)
> That'll work for more than just kernel too.  It's even smart enough to 
> figure out builds from the CVS era.
> Is there anything else required?

Does that mean we end up with a situation that anyone can clone (in this
case) Fedora's kernel.git repository and do

	git checkout $VERSION-$RELEASE

for any combination of $VERSION-$RELEASE one might be interested in? Ie,
one can do that without using fedpkg (or any other tool mostly used by
packagers), but just by using git. If so, that would be great!

Paul Bolle

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