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Re: Soliciting for input on ARM


> So, another option is that we modify Koji to submit sub-package
> tasks across multiple builders. i.e. all of the ARM subpackages (and
> this would happen for x86 variants too) would get submitted to builders
> at the same time, rather than linearly. It's a lot of work, but it's
> doable.

Hmm, that wouldn't be subpackages I guess, but different variants of the
same source rpm, i.e.
  rpmbuild --define "variant={tegra,omap,...}" kernel.spec

Then have the specfile pick the kernel config + package name based on

Could be useful to parallelize other packages too:

qemu for example could be splitted by target arch, so you'll have
variant={x86,arm,ppc,sparc,mips,...}.  Wouldn't work as good as for the
kernel though as there are common files for all archs, are compiled once
with todays subpackages but would compiled multiple times with variants.

Maybe gcc could profit too?  I remember there is (was?) a huge gcc build
time difference depending on whenever java language support was enabled
or not.  So "./configure --languages=%{variant}" could possibly speed up
gcc build time by building all langs in parallel?


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