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thoughts on modules-extra subpackage...

I'm sorry I missed the original discussion thread.  I was blinded by
my birthday and the Thanksgiving holiday. :-)  That, and I've been
chipping away to get the compat-wireless bits shaped-up for proper
Fedora integration...

Actually, the latter is what brought modules-extra to my attention.
My changes cause ssb to not be built in the main kernel tree.
For some reason, ssb got added to mod-extra.list.  So, the combination
of modules-extra and my changes resulted in a broken build.  FWIW,
I think that fix is simple -- I don't think ssb should have been in
that list in the first place.

So that brings me to the first big concern...  Should we have _any_
hardware enablement included in the modules-extra package?  If so,
what is the cut-off?  Do we really want to diminish our out-of-the-box
hardware support for whatever benefit modules-extra provides?
Is there SMOLT data or something similar to justify the list of
modules being moved?

Two other big chunks of the module-extras package are TCP congestion
control algorithms and network queueing disciplines.  These two
types of modules come immediately into play when someone is trying
to tune the performance of their networks.  If anything, we should
be encouraging their use, not making them more invisible.  So, I'm
wondering why these got put into the mod-extra.list file?

As for the stated benefits...  I'm skeptical of the security argument.
I mean, I can believe that a module could get accidentally or
inadvertantly loaded and then exploited.  I just think that closing
those holes is a better plan.  Also, I find the size argument
unconvincing as well.  I just don't think a couple of megs of storage
savings amounts to much these days, especially if you create confusion
or remove functionality in the process.  The cruft argument is the
most reasonable for at least some of the modules in the list, but
I'm not sure it is sufficient to justify the confusion and churn.

So anyway, just in case you were wondering about my opinion... :-)

John W. Linville		The water won't run clean until you get
linville@xxxxxxxxxx			the pigs out of the creek.
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