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Re: Proposal to add build of kernel-backports package to kernel.spec

On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 12:00:42PM -0400, John W. Linville wrote:
 > Hardware enablement is an endless treadmill.  As Fedora has matured,
 > the delta between current Fedora kernels and current upstream kernels
 > has tended to widen (at least for older releases e.g. F14).

Right, but we're moving away from that, and trying to get back to the
older model where we ship at least the current-1 release.
(But not for 14, because it's such a quantum leap).

Are you proposing this for _just_ 14  ? In which case, I'd be fine with
that, because we're not rebasing it.

For 15 onwards, I don't think this is worth it.


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