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[PATCH RESEND 00/22] utrace for 2.6.40/fc15 (Was: utrace for 3.0 kernel)

On 07/01, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> Another attempt. This version tries to decouple utrace and ptrace.
> This way it is much simpler to follow the upstream changes, afaics.

It turns out, FC15's kernel 2.6.40 has the wrong utrace.patch

See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=728379

in short: PTRACE_SYEMU (used by uml) is broken.

> 	- The single-stepping updates in ptrace_resume() can race
> 	  with utrace_reset()->user_disable_single_step().
> 	  This was fixed by 20/20, but I noticed that this patch
> 	  is buggy right before sending.
> 	- Perhaps PTRACE_SYSEMU/TIF_SYSCALL_EMU logic was broken,
> 	  I need to recheck.

Yes, and then I sent the fixes for above, but they were not included.

Dave, I am sorry. Looks like I managed to confuse you. I wrongly
assumed you will simply pull the "utrace" branch, and thus I did
not re-send the full series.

I am (re)sending it now. Please let me now if you need the incremental
diff against 2.6.40-*.fc15. Or anything else...

(just in case, I verified that utrace-patch in rawhide is fine,
 it matches my utrace-3.1 branch).


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