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Re: strange mcelog mesage / still in rc7.git10

On 07/22/2011 09:14 AM, Don Zickus wrote:

>> Jul 21 23:30:28 lap3 mcelog[937]: Processor 7 below trip temperature.
> If you are running a Sandy Bridge laptop, there is probably a BIOS update
> that might fix this.  I don't think Sandy Bridge processors have been
> released to the general public yet.
> We were chasing broken MCEs in Nehalem that reported bad memory all the
> time.  Various kernel hacks worked around it until a BIOS fix came along.
> I wouldn't be surprised if this is just another broken MCE, especially if
> the laptop doesn't feel hot.

  It is indeed a Sandy Bridge laptop - and it is most definitely
available to the public - I bought it a couple months ago from the
(public) lenovo website :-)

  The complaint it is too cold funnily enough ... and no it does not
feel hot either ..

   I'll check for BIOS update - but last I checked there wasn't one - I
wish it was easy to do bios update on this in linux :-(

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