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Re: f15 2.6.39 rebase

On 06/30/2011 02:42 PM, Dave Jones wrote:
> I've just pushed a f15-2.6.39 branch which contains a work in progress rebase.
> The only thing that I'm really concerned about in this right now is X regressions.
> We had a drm-next backport to .38 and moving that to .39 turned up a ton of rejects.
> I fixed up a few by hand, but the resulting compile failures made my head hurt, so
> I've mostly left them disabled.  If the nouveau/intel drm dudes could look over
> that branch and fix up whatever is necessary, we can look at getting this out
> to people soon.
> (looking ahead, after its release pushing 3.0.x as 2.6.40 is probably going to
>  happen, in a shorter timeframe than what took us to get .39 ready)
> 	Dave

looking forward to 3.0 .. .. thanks dave (and kyle et al)  ... :-)

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