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Re: [fedora-arm] adding fake-kernel to repository

On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 03:09:55PM -0400, Jon Masters wrote:
> > We can probably cram the fake kernel crud in there for you, but I
> > definitely don't want it in the main kernel spec. I also don't really
> > know why you don't just build your sub-arch kernels as packages in your
> > secondary build system until you get promoted, but that's your decision...
> There are kernel packages being built in the ARM koji and more work will
> be done, but it's not as straightforward (yet) as building a single RPM
> package for all possible ARM systems people might choose to use. Until
> that point, there will be people who can't install the standard kernel
> package, need to build their own, and just want the dependencies. Like I
> said, most of the main systems will be supportable in a single kernel
> RPM in due course, and we can come asking about config changes, etc.
> that we need later on to roll this back into the standard kernel.

I guess I'm confused by what you are doing. I understand the end result,
but not how you're getting there. Do you have many subarch-dependent
SRPMs or just a bunch of subarch-dependent binary RPMs from a single
package? (I can see why the former would be a problem for you, since
there's no one place to add the empty pseudopackage.)

I'll go look for myself though.

> Another question for you, related to this. David Marlin (dmarlin) is
> currently working on the OMAP kernel packages. He's based his SPEC and
> sources on F15 and the plan is to basically track the F15 kernel until
> such time as we're ready to ask to integrate whatever will be integrated
> back into the official kernel package. He's looking at using split-out
> kernel config files - can I point him to you and get you to help him
> figure out how those work? (he wants to make sure he's able to
> regenerate the config files and merge for building, etc.)

Yeah, I'm more than happy to answer whatever I can, although the
kernel.spec is mostly tribal knowledge and evolution, so it's entirely
possible no one will know answers. ;-) You may also want talk to the
people who had been maintaining the Xen branch with how they coped with
things changing under them.

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