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On 01/27/2012 05:58 AM, Martin Kho wrote:

I'm running kde-4.8 as part of Rawhide. Everything is very fast. Thanks for
the great work! There is just one weird issue with Amarok 2.5.0. At the bottom
of the context panel are the buttons (Current Track, Lyrics, Wikipedia and
Settings) missing. No errors in .xsession-errors. I've tried it with a new
user with the same result. In Fedora 16 (same Amarok version) the buttons are

amarok upstream provided a patch for these issues, I'm doing builds in koji now.

Btw. In Fedora 17 I've still a few 4.7.97 packages: kdebindings-*, kdesdk-*,
and kdenetwork-*.

/me waves fist @ gcc-4.7.x and the FTBFS it caused. :)

-- rex
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