Plan for tomorrow's Fedora Infrastructure meeting (2012-05-17 at 18UTC)

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The infrastructure team will be having it's weekly meeting tomorrow, 
2012-05-17 at 18:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on the freenode network.

Suggested topics:

#topic New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks.

If any new folks want to give a quick one line bio or any apprentices
would like to ask general questions, they can do so here. 

#topic two factor auth status

#topic Applications status / discussion

Check in on status of our applications: pkgdb, fas, bodhi, koji,
community, voting, tagger, packager, dpsearch, etc. 
If there's new releases, bugs we need to work around or things to note. 

#topic Upcoming Tasks/Items 

#info 2012-05-08 to 2012-05-22 FINAL FREEZE
#info 2012-05-22 - F17 release
#info 2012-06-01 - nag fi-apprentices.
#info 2011-06-03 - gitweb-cache removal day.
#info 2012-06-08 OOW:
#info 2012-06-17 OOW:
#info 2012-06-21 to 2012-07-04 Kevin is off on trains and boats.

#topic Meeting tagged tickets:

#topic Open Floor

Submit your agenda items, as tickets in the trac instance and send a 
note replying to this thread.

More info here:



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