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Hi John,

Thanks for the note, much appreciated. :)

I've copied the infrastructure team on this mail - hopefully they can help out with this issue. I'm also curious about the issue with Gnome Updater Tool - is infra aware of this as a known issue?



On 03/05/2012 05:30 AM, John Mellor wrote:
Hi Robyn,

I'm not sure who is supposed to be managing the mirror table or the
state of the mirrors, as there don't appear to be any docs on this
important part of the Fedora infrastructure online.  Can you pass this
on to whomever is in charge of deciding the mirror sites?

We need to get someone to either investigate why a particular pair of
Fedora mirror sites have stopped mirroring.  The following has been
going on for weeks now, for all updates: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found :
Trying other mirror. [Errno 14] FTP Error 550 :
Trying other mirror.

Its not fatal for non-gui command-line users, as the next mirror in the
list is behaving properly and yum does the right thing, but its deadly
for the graphical Gnome Updater Tool (which does not seem to use
fallback sites [possible bug], and simply fails).  The end result is
that people who use the graphical update tools have been seeing no
security and other updates for weeks now, which is pretty dangerous.

If Nexicom has just broken their refresh mechanism temporarily, can we
give them a heads-up about the problem?  If they are now broken
permanently, can we get it removed from the list?


John Mellor

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