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 Discussion today over a few issues with and what we
 need to do with it.

- be able to backup much much faster
- expand the amount of diskspace available on it
- offer faster upload to from places where most of our
  userbase are.
- offer 'project' space for groups to have unquota'd space available
  from for various non-hosted projects: 
    examples: test spins from anaconda team
              abrt test-suite results

Two projects today both needed more space - but we were getting hung
up b/c of how the quota'ing is laid out with the existing I suggested just adding space and making it a new
disk but Kevin mentioned the concerns about upload speed to and the issue of backing it up quickly.

After a bit of looking around was seen as a
likely good place to put a new

If we put it there we could give it:
 1. more ram
 2. more processors
 3. considerably more space
 4. back it up faster (backup02 is also on ibiblio03 so backing it up
 should be very fast)
 5. being on i2 and in a fast-colo at ibiblio would give us better
 upload rates for many many of our users.

So the plan would be:
 - setup a new people## box over at ibiblio03
 - setup two disks 
    - the normal /srv layout we have now
    - a new disk for project space that is outside of the quota'd area.

Kevin suggested possibly replicating this people## over to the old
location using rsync so, in the event of unplanned calamity, we could
continue to offer the service.

Concerns? thoughts?

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