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On Thu, 16 Feb 2012 14:29:59 -0300
Emiliano Dalla Verde Marcozzi <edvm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As i read at:
> here is my presentation:
> Hello Fedora Infraestructure group!
> My name is Emiliano, i'm from Argentina (State: Santa Fe, City:
> Rosario) and you can find me on freenode with x-ip as my nick.
> I'm a member of PyAr/Python Argentina (
> and i work as a python developer in a company from the city where i
> live. I am a Gnu/Linux user since 2002, a Python Developer for 3
> years and a Gnu/Linux system administrator since 2006.


> My skills to offer:
> - Backend Python development, i can write async network servers,
> system administration tools, package managers :-P (
> its a really simple
> packet manager heh! but its fun!), monitor tools, etc :-).


> Skills to learn:
> - I would like to learn to code in C/C++ and get a better understandig
> about the Linux kernel. I would love to know how to write kernel
> modules/drivers, hack the tcp/ip kernel stack, and that kind of funny
> stuff x'D.

For that, you may want to introduce yourself on the Fedora kernel list
and see if there are any things they could use help with. 

> What would i like to work on ?
> I would like to work on backend related stuff, like doing console
> system tools, writing network protocol/servers, etc :-)

I think Toshio already has send you a task to work on, but I'm sure we
will have lots to do. ;) 


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