Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Manikandan S

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Hi Every one,
IRC NAME       : ManikandanS
Interest             : SysAdmin
Technical Skills : Can configure, monitor troubleshoot the following services 
                           DNS, DHCP, squid, mysql, LDAP, FTP, NFS, Sendmail, Postfix, Dovecot,                                  Kerberos, Samba, NIS, SVN, GIT 
                           SELinux Policy writing 
                           Monitoring tools: nagios, ntop, nmap, wireshark, tcpdump
                           Script: python, bash
Like To Learn   : Cloud Computing, Clustering

S.Manikandan(BE,RHCSS, RHCE),
E-Mail:- vijaysomt@xxxxxxxxx
mobile:- +91-9865313396
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