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On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 11:55:50 +0530
Kushal Das <kushaldas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > Well, unaffected by other services. Ie, it could keep running if
> > other things are down, or have downtime scheduled unrelated to other
> > services. I guess if it's using our proxy setup, it would need to be
> > tied to them.
> So in  testing phase we can run the service as a total separate one.
> We can add the caching mechanism later on.

Yeah. Some caching is even possible for stand alone services, they
could use memcached for example pretty easily directly. 

> > ok, sounds good. Shall we look at next steps here?
> > Or should we wait for the koji plugin to have everything in a row?
> I think we should go ahead and have a test instance up. We can test
> all other features of the system while the koji plugin comes up.

A few more questions: 

- Is this packaged? Is it intended to be?

Normally we like things to be packaged up and available in EPEL before
deploying anything. This has a number of advantages: 

* Everyone knows where and can easily obtain the source. 
* Everyone knows where to report bugs
* We are sure it's free and acceptable license wise since it's
  available in EPEL, and any other projects that would want to use it
  could do so. 

And now of course I look:

So, thats all good. ;) 

- Who all exactly should be in the sysadmin-darkserver group and is
  working on this? you and mether? any others?

I will go ahead and look at allocating you guys a dev machine to work
from. ;) 


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