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In an attempt to be a bit more organized about FAS releases, give
translators a chance to get their work in, etc, I'm going to propose
a schedule for the next Fedora Account System release.

January 14, 2012 -- FUDCon hackfest day -- make a prerelease for people to
   see the process.  Push to stg.
January 15, 2012 -- last hackfest day of FUDCon -- bugfix for any stg
   issues, update stg with new prerelease if necessary.  Announce to
   translators list that a release is coming up.
January 16-18, 2012 -- Toshio on Vacation
January 21, 2012 -- String freeze; announce string freeze to translators'
January 31, 2012 -- Release FAS 0.8.11; push to production

You'll notice that there's no actual Feature Freeze in there, just a string
freeze.  So far, FAS hasn't had official feature freezes as our testing
procedures have been to deploy to stg and then test new features and test
that old features aren't obviously broken.  We've been small enough that
we've just held off on committing large changes at this time -- sticking
with bugfixes or easily reviewed features instead.

If we get to the point where we have enough committers that this is
a problem, we should think about having a trunk and a release branch but
I don't think that time has arrived yet.


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