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Re: L10N and I18N Installation Test Day Tomorrow

Hi test group and i18n team

I have already chatted below findings with Ani and Jens on each irc
chnannel, but I thought it would be good to share in the MLs as well. So
here we go.

Two findings.
One: As I joined the test late, I encountered particular problem.
The iso images pointed in the page has been removed sometime btw 14-15
Apr, so the link did not work. For RC3 images, I found that instead diso
images have been placed in different directory. I did not know how to
deal with diso format, but can not complain since RC3 images are not
only for this test purpose. Plus assuming future RC3 images will be
stored as diso format, I like to suggest that a request of composing an
iso image for I18N test can be made as well just like for L10N QA test.
Well, it adds extra task for test group ;p

Two: Testcase Arabic/Asian/Cyrillic/Non-English European Language
Install pages contain unclear instruction. There is no language
selection step to take in f17.  Testcase firstboot page explains about
the command 'firstboot --reconfig', which actually is not working.
Firstboot gives only one chance for test, auto-run after install. It is
highly appreciated to update those information.

Thanks in advance

(2012年04月11日 19:16), Ani Peter wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> I understand your point and is a very valid suggestion and we are
> looking into it. Will surely take care for F18.
> Best regards
> Ani
> Roman Spirgi wrote:
>> Hi Ani
>> I would appreciate to get a reminder a few days before the test day. As
>> I remember we had a translation test week for F16, which was even better
>> ... So more people get the chance to test.
>> Cheers,
>> Roman
>> Am 10.04.2012 07:47, schrieb Ani Peter:
>>> Thank you all for the participation. Please let us know your valuable
>>> suggestions or feedbacks to make our test events better and have more
>>> participation.
>>> Best regards
>>> Ani
>>> Ani Peter wrote:
>>>> Hello everyone!
>>>> Please note that tomorrow (2012-04-05) we are hosting a Localization
>>>> and Internationalization Installation Test Day [1] to have a look on
>>>> the translations quality for Anaconda and i18n support during
>>>> installation as well as some post install verification tests.
>>>> Kindly request all Fedora translators to participate in this test
>>>> event. Please check [1] for details and also feel free to edit the
>>>> wiki with your results.
>>>> Thanking you
>>>> Best regards
>>>> Ani
>>>> [1] -
>>>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2012-04-05_L10n_I18n_Installation
>>>> -- 
>>>> i18n mailing list
>>>> i18n@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/i18n
>>> -- 
>>> trans mailing list
>>> trans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/trans
> -- 
> i18n mailing list
> i18n@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/i18n

i18n mailing list

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