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Re: ibus-hangul bugs

On 04/09/2009 09:53 PM, Choe Hwanjin wrote:
I think it isn't acceptable for most users.
Would it be wrong for ibus-hangul to begin in Hangul mode?  That seems very

It's possible, but I think it is not a solution.
Even if ibus-hangul begin in hangul mode, users should still press
ctrl-space to
input hangul and then user should press right-alt to change input mode, which
don't have consistency.

Note: The medium-term plan is to get rid of global hotkey defaults. This means Ctrl-space is only a global trigger for languages like Chinese and Indic. Hankaku, Alt-Hankaku or Alt-` are triggers for Japanese. Hangul or right-Alt are triggers for Korean.

For now we decided we are out of time for Fedora 11, so we will ship with all the above triggers enabled as globals. This is not ideal. We will improve this further after Fedora 11 after some design discussions.

I agree it should be configurable, but we need a compromise with expected
defaults for the Fedora 11 development deadline in less than a week.

But current ibus' default lookup table orientation is horizontal not vertical.
And ibus-hangul can't change its value.
If we change the key mapping, it doesn't match the horizontal lookup table.
Is it acceptable?

I think that current ibus lookup table orientation is horizontal,
therefore key mapping for
lookup table should follow the orientation.

I'm surprised, but phuang made the new ibus default vertical. It seems after Fedora 11 we will have vertical/horizontal decided by the language engine.

it  is easy to make right-ctrl as Hanja conversion key.
But it needs some time to add english mode in ibus-hangul.
I don't have time to do it now.
And basically I don't agree to add english mode in every language engine.

And Shift-Space is mostly used trigger key in korean linux desktop.
So I think shift-space is enough for now.

As noted above, we delayed implementing these proposed changes. In the short-term the only remaining changes we need are the two patches for right-Ctrl and proper arrow key behavior with vertical Hanja candidate selection.

In the long-term we need further discussion about the Big Picture plan forward. I will CC you with future summaries as we discuss this plan.

Thank you,
Warren Togami

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