Re: [PATCH 6/6] Makefile: now support other common export formats

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On 02/20/2012 09:49 PM, Jan Pokorny wrote:
> Based on the previous patch, we create a generalization of how was
> "ttf" target handled to support exporting also to other common
> formats.  We add "4web" target covering common formats used on
> the web (HTML/CSS:font-face): TTF, WOFF, SVG, EOT.
> It is easy to add other formats if needed and provided that
> such format is supported by FontForge.
> To be honest, I am not sure about two things:
> - Is the existing TTF export OK for web usage?  Have been exploring
>   this field shortly, but cannot defuse my confusion (TTF/OTF, ...).

Yes. It should work fine.
I have not explored Web fonts yet much, this is learning experience for
me as well.

> - Is hardcoded "fmflags" parameter in scripts/
>   OK also for formats other than TTF?

Will be good if you can test it and update the thread, so before final
commit i will be in better position.

Pravin Satpute
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