Re: What happens if a package includes non-free fonts already?

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On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 10:09:37AM +0100, Paul Flo Williams wrote:

> I imagine that Nicholas raised this problem while doing his periodic
> fonts-incorrectly-packaged-in-non-font-package checks. The request to
> separate out the fonts from poker3d-data has been long since closed

I just went through all bugs blocking F11-new-font-rules that have been
closed recently through the bugzapper EOL procedure and reopened those
which are clearly still valid.

A rather large number of packages never had a single reply from one of
the maintainers.

Do we have any provenpackages who volunteer to be CCed on bugs that have
patches attached? (Not that there currently are any such bugs with
patches but reopening I have found some low hanging fruits which I'm
planning to look at in the future).

sven === jabber/xmpp: sven@xxxxxxxxxx
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