[fedora-electronic-lab] configuring toolchains crashes PIKLAB

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Here is the scenario.... 
	If you close the current project, or start piklab with no project, then
select configure toolchains, the menu never opens and piklab crashes.
Alain knew about the case of starting piklab with no projcet, but I
didn't see any mention of the close the existing project and then try to
configure tool chains.  The message is:
	We are sorry, Piklab closed unexpectedly.
	You can help us improve KDE Software by reporting this error, 
	Learn more about bug reporting.
	Note it is save to close this dialog if you do not want to report this
	 (((( several line feeds))))
	Executable: piklab PID: 4157 Signal:11 (segmentation fault)

	Unfortunately I don't seem to have the requisite symbol information so
the bug report won't finish, nor can I get valgrind to produce anything

	The toolchain settings are probably going to make some change in the
project file, So my first guess is that with no project file open, there
is an attempt to write to an empty file.  I am going to research this,
but I thought that some one here may have already isolated the bug to a
specific area in the software.  

	If that is the case, the (hopefully simple) solution is to open a
default project file, so that setups can be reported to it, and during
project creation, the system wizard will prompt if you want to use that
file.  Or maybe simpler is just to load that file and modify it by the
project wizard.

	I will reply either to this message or whoever follows up with what I

Les H

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