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Hi, everyone,
	I finally got F12 fully installed, and now have added the EL package to
it.  I want to develop code for the PIC series microcontrollers.  What I
have now has Piclab setup and the compiler working with SDCC, but the
software cannot find the supported processors for gpsim.  I know that
this is separate from Piclab, but the Help button doesn't bring up any
help listing for gpsim.  It would be nice if that happened.  If there is
no document for doing that, I can write up the steps as I figure them
out.  I don't know how to integrate such a document into the Help menu,
but I can look that up with some guidance.

So what I am suggesting is that I do the research and get it working,
document the process, then give someone the document to see if they get
it setup correctly, then we can package that as part of the EL package.

Les H

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