[389-devel] Please review: [Bug 476925] Admin Server: Do not allow 8-bit passwords for the admin user

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Admin Server:

Description: Due to the following reasons, password of the admin
user is not supposed to include 8-bit characters.
1) Admin Console | Configure | Access does not take 8-bit password.
    If such characters are entered, the characters are dropped.
    (e.g., if "dÃputÃs" is entered, the password will be "dputs".
2) Character encoding of Admin Express's login window depends on
    browsers' implementation.  And the server has no way to get
    the character encoding information.
Despite of it, accepts 8-bit admin user password.
This patch changes the behavior and rejects it.


Description: Admin Console | Configure | Access panel had dropped
User name text box some time back.  The help page was not updated
to reflect the change.  Plus, adding a note about the behavior
to handle passwords containing 8-bit characters.

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