[Bug 810234] New: Circular build dependency in perl-POE-1.352-1.fc18

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Summary: Circular build dependency in perl-POE-1.352-1.fc18

           Summary: Circular build dependency in perl-POE-1.352-1.fc18
           Product: Fedora
           Version: rawhide
          Platform: Unspecified
        OS/Version: Unspecified
            Status: NEW
          Severity: unspecified
          Priority: unspecified
         Component: perl-POE
        AssignedTo: psabata@xxxxxxxxxx
        ReportedBy: paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx
         QAContact: extras-qa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                CC: fedora-perl-devel-list@xxxxxxxxxx,
                    mmaslano@xxxxxxxxxx, psabata@xxxxxxxxxx
    Classification: Fedora
      Story Points: ---
              Type: Bug
        Regression: ---
        Mount Type: ---
     Documentation: ---

perl-POE buildrequires and requires perl(POE::Test::Loops), which of course
requires perl(POE) itself. This will be a problem when it comes to
bootstrapping perl 5.16.

The test suite skips affected tests if POE::Test::Loops is not present, so
omitting it is not a big problem.

The explicit runtime dependency on POE::Test::Loops is also debatable, and in
fact there is an explicit exclude in the spec to prevent that module being
picked up as an automatic dependency (see Bug #632855), so I believe that
should go too (it would have to for bootstrapping anyway, otherwise
perl-POE-Test-Loops would not be bootable).

Suggested changes:

diff --git a/perl-POE.spec b/perl-POE.spec
index ddeb980..fe8c247 100644
--- a/perl-POE.spec
+++ b/perl-POE.spec
@@ -27,7 +27,10 @@ BuildRequires:  perl(HTTP::Date)
 BuildRequires:  perl(HTTP::Request)
 BuildRequires:  perl(HTTP::Response)
 BuildRequires:  perl(HTTP::Status)
+# POE::Test::Loops unsurprisingly requires POE
+%if 0%{!?perl_bootstrap:1}
 BuildRequires:  perl(POE::Test::Loops) >= 1.351
 BuildRequires:  perl(Socket) >= 1.7
 BuildRequires:  perl(Socket6) >= 0.14
 BuildRequires:  perl(Storable) >= 2.16
@@ -49,7 +52,6 @@ Requires:       perl(File::Spec) >= 0.87
 Requires:       perl(IO::Handle) >= 1.27
 Requires:       perl(IO::Pty)
 Requires:       perl(IO::Tty) >= 1.08
-Requires:       perl(POE::Test::Loops) >= 1.351
 Requires:       perl(POSIX) >= 1.02
 Requires:       perl(Socket) >= 1.7
 Requires:       perl(Socket6) >= 0.14

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