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pdebuild macro

I'm seeing:

+ /usr/lib64/eclipse/buildscripts/pdebuild -d 'cdt cdt-parsers jgit rse' -f org.eclipse.ptp.utils -a '-DjavacSource=1.5 -DjavacTarget=1.5 -Dnoclean=true'
pdebuild was renamed into eclipse-pdebuild and moved into _bindir

Looks like https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/EclipsePlugins#pdebuild needs to be updated. But we need to make things conditional for F17+ and before.

Perhaps eclipse-pde should define a macro for it, but it would need to get pushed all the way down to F15 to be useful. Otherwise every package will probably need to put in a conditional if you want to have a common spec for all releases.


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