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Re: freemind uses relative path to look for files

Quoting Johannes Lips (2012-03-08 13:01:37)
>I recently received the following bug against freemind.
>One working solution is to just add cd /usr/share/freemind into the startup
>script but I just wanted to know if that is possible
>and also why the current definition of the working directory in the startup
>script is not working.
>The current startup script looks like this:
>Hope we could find an easy solution since it will really fix the Export
>problems we have with freemind.
>Thanks for any suggestions,

If you have a look in the original start script shipped by upstream,
you'll notice they do quite a few more things in the script. I'd suggest
actually using the upstream script in some way (probably placing it in
/usr/share/freemind, and then executing it in another simple shell
script placed in /usr/bin/. This will probably solve other bug(s) as
well and be more future-proof.

Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky@xxxxxxxxxx>
Software Engineer - Base Operating Systems Brno

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