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Re: Packaging partial projects

On 13:45:27 Tuesday 23 August 2011 Andy Grimm wrote:
> Hi, everyone.  I'm relatively new to the world of Java, Maven, etc., and
> trying to undertake a rather large packaging exercise -- packaging the
> dependencies for Eucalyptus.  I'm finding it relatively straightforward to
> build ant-based packages, but maven is proving to be a bit of "dependency
> hell" for various reasons.  In one case, I have a dependency on a single
> Jar from RHQ (http://rhq-project.org/) which is literally less than 80
> lines of code.  I spent a few hours digging through maven dependencies and
> trying to disable various modules before giving up.  Writing a build.xml
> file to just compile and bundle the jar took about 5 minutes.  So the
> question is:  is this acceptable?  I would be taking a tiny bit of code
> from a huge project, packaging it (the rpm named as rhq-pluginAnnotation
> to be clear that it's just that piece) along with hand-created POM and
> /etc/maven/fragments/ files.  This is far from ideal, but the alternative
> seems to be to block on getting an entire JBossAS stack into Fedora so
> that I can use 80 lines of code.

There is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JBossAS7 in case you have time to do 
few reviews and speed up the process. 
Creating partial packages is generally acceptable but not recommended. Naming 
in a way that clearly shows it's just a single piece is mandatory. Building 
using upstream method is something that I insist on whenever possible unless 
there is an unresolvable problem given.
Can you tell us details about what you need, how is the build failing and 
If you join #fedora-java on freenode we can speed up the process.

Alexander Kurtakov

> Any advice that you can give would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> --Andy
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