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Getting rid of maven2-depmap.xml

This is just an update on progress on migrating from maven2 to maven

I just committed changes to maven package that will do a few things:
 * direct processing of fragment files generated by %add*_maven_depmap
 * being able to process fragments in /usr/share/maven-fragments
 * being able to resolve pom files in /usr/share/maven-poms

This will mean several things once the whole puzzle is created:
 * No need for %update_maven_depmap macro in %post and %postun
 * With it - no need for Require(post): jpackage-utils
 * No more rpmlint warnings about non-conf file in /etc
 * Sane place for pom files :-)
 * Simpler packaging (IMO)
 * Later on simpler patches to maven once we remove compat code.

For now we are backward compatible, so maven still reads from
/etc/maven/fragments and old _mavenpomdir.

Obviously there is certain performance penalty for processing few
hundred small files instead of one big file. However this performance
hit is rather small and only affects mvn-local and mvn-rpmbuild
so it won't affect users.

Worst case scenario, I'd rather move regenerating of depmaps into
maven shell script (comparing last change of depmap.xml with last
modification of fragments and all that...).

Right now no packaging modifications are necessary, since we don't
want to break maven2 just yet :-)

Next up: jpackage-utils and generation of maven2-depmap.xml even from
/usr/share/maven-fragments (for maven2 compat).

See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Migration_from_maven2 for more
details and plan.

Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky@xxxxxxxxxx>
Software Engineer - Base Operating Systems Brno

PGP: 7B087241
Red Hat Inc.                               http://cz.redhat.com

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