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Re: Eclipse ant support apparently missing

* Rob Scala <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2011-03-14 15:51]:
> On 03/14/2011 02:20 PM, Andrew Overholt wrote:
> >* Rob Scala<rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  [2011-03-11 21:09]:
> >>I recently installed eclipse on my f14 box, and I can't get ant support
> >>to work.  No ant preferences.  No ant editor.
> >>
> >>Am I missing some package?  Here is what I have installed:
> >
> >Can you try installing eclipse-pde?
> >
> >Andrew
> >
> Yes, that fixed it.
> Why is pde required?

It's not, but there's a problem with something being put into the pde
sub-package when it shouldn't be.  This messes up a lot of the things
that are installed into dropins (everything but the platform itself).
There are a number of related reports for this:

  Eclipse won't load other plugins
  Missing components for Mylyn and PyDev

... and probably a few more.  It *appears* that this only happens on
x86_64 but Alex is looking into it.  There's also the issue of things
only showing up after the second startup of Eclipse.

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