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Re: Help un-orphan some packages in the Java stack

Excerpts from Andrew Overholt's message of Thu Aug 05 20:50:28 +0200 2010:
> Hi,
> Stanislav took a few of the packages listed by Bill at [1] but there are
> still the following orphaned Java packages.  Is anyone interested in
> owning any of them?  If so, please take ownership in pkgdb [2].

Thanks for sending the email. I completely forgot about it after I sent
the email to fedora-devel because of async requests that came in :-)

> Orphan: classworlds
> Orphan: dom4j
> Orphan: dtdparser
> Orphan: gnu-regexp
> Orphan: hsqldb
> Orphan: isorelax
> Orphan: jdom
> Orphan: jlex
> Orphan: joda-time
> Orphan: jrefactory 
> Orphan: jsch
> Orphan: jtidy
> Orphan: jzlib
> Orphan: ldapjdk
> Orphan: lucene
> Orphan: objectweb-anttask
> Orphan: plexus-ant-factory
> Orphan: plexus-appserver
> Orphan: plexus-bsh-factory
> Orphan: plexus-compiler
> Orphan: plexus-runtime-builder
> Orphan: plexus-xmlrpc
> Orphan: relaxngDatatype
> Orphan: tomcat6
> Orphan: ws-jaxme
> Orphan: wsdl4j 
> Orphan: xjavadoc
> Orphan: xmldb-api
> Orphan: xmlrpc
> Orphan: xom
> Orphan: xpp2
> Orphan: xpp3

I am guessing that Alexander Kurtakov will take at least some of these
once he gets back from vacation, because they are related to eclipse,
but maybe I am wrong. I will also be unavailable for 2 weeks so anyone
with provenpackager is welcome to fix problems in my packages [3] (hopefully
there will be none).

When I get back I might take some more packages under my wing if noone
else will step in.

[3] https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/users/packages/sochotni?acls=owner

Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky@xxxxxxxxxx>
Associate Software Engineer - Base Operating Systems Brno

PGP: 71A1677C
Red Hat Inc.                               http://cz.redhat.com

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