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Howto for Java on Fedora

I've been running Sun Java on my Fedora systems for years and years now. 
  Having just installed F13, I figured I'd see how the yum induced Java 
experience is lately.  So I blithely yum installed Ant and ran "ant 
-version" only to discover the classpath is not nice.  So I figured I'd 
google the Fedora Java howto documentation after discovering there is 
next to nothing in /usr/share/doc/ant-1.7.1 that is Fedora specific. 
But no such documents exist.  Or at least my simple minded queries are 
not turning up anything along the lines of:  "Here's what you want to do 
to set up a decent Java programming experience in recent Fedora releases 
(say, f10 on up)"  True, there is a fedoraproject.org wiki page on 
JavaFAQ but that seems very stale (f9 based) and there is a fedoraunity 
project that has some material on Fedora/Java, but no sites that I would 
characterize as authoritative or definitive.

Is anyone paying attention to this list aware of "good" Java/Fedora 
documentation?  Is there interest (other than mine) in seeing Fedora be 
used as a first class Java development platform?  If there is, in fact, 
an opportunity to fill this gap, would the fedoraproject.org wiki be the 
place to put something?  Someplace else?


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