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Packaging from JPackage spec - any required changes to license, coordinating with commons rename?


I am re-packaging html-unit from JPackage source to Fedora target
rawhide for submission for sponsorship.

1) JPackage requires retention of the comments including copyright and
license (see Appendix to e-mail).
Do I need to do any modifications to it?

2) Following commons packages are required:

BuildRequires:  jakarta-commons-codec >= 0:1.3
BuildRequires:  jakarta-commons-collections32
BuildRequires:  jakarta-commons-fileupload >= 0:1.2.1
BuildRequires:  jakarta-commons-httpclient >= 0:3.0.1
BuildRequires:  jakarta-commons-io >= 0:1.3.1
BuildRequires:  jakarta-commons-lang24
BuildRequires:  jakarta-commons-logging >= 0:1.1

Packaging rename task specifies Rawhide Fedora 14 as target rename release:

Should I wait for rename of these for Rawhide Fedora 14 to appache-commons-...
before submiting package for review, or should I target earlier release?

Please advise.
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