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Re: Candidate packages for removal due to FTBFS, implications

On 15/01/10 09:04 AM, Mary Ellen Foster wrote:
> 2010/1/15 Matt Domsch<Matt_Domsch@xxxxxxxx>:
>> OK, re-run, removing the three packages noted as fixed overnight.
>> -----------------
>> Removing geronimo-specs also removes:
> [ lots of stuff! ]
> Almost all of these are due to the dependency chain jms (virtual
> provide) ->  avalon-logkit ->  velocity ->  (all of maven). avalon-logkit
> is basically a dead project, and velocity is the only package that
> requires it; akurtakov and I are currently working on patching the
> avalon-logkit requirement out of velocity (it's only optional anyway),
> which should clean things up a bit.

I talked it over with akurtakov.  I propose reverting the F-12 and 
rawhide spec files to the F-11 version in the time-being while you and 
he work at removing the need for it.  This will allow it to build.

None of the changes in the F-12 spec file since F-11 have ever been 
built (e.g. 1.1 shows up in the changelog along with various changes and 
then 1.2, but 1.1 nor 1.2 was ever built).  The 1.1 version sources 
appear never to even have been imported; backing up the sources file 1 
revision results in the F-11 1.0-M2 tarball.

I have applied for commit/ACL rights in Fedora admin for devel and I 
also got Fernando to give me rights for F-12 which he currently still owns.

-- Jeff J.
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