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Re: Problem w/ setting Sun's JVM via (g)alternatives?

* Mark Wielaard <mark@xxxxxxxxx> [2009-08-27 16:36]:
> I am sure we want to fix any issues that prevent Eclipse's Ganemede from
> working out of the box.

Eclipse works just fine with OpenJDK.

I've spoken with Dan offline and while I don't have confirmation, I
suspect he was bitten by the fact that the XULRunner APIs changed
post-Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) release so out of the box on Fedora 11,
Eclipse 3.4 will crash when trying to render the welcome page (and other
browser-using bits).

In our Fedora packages of Eclipse 3.4.2, we carry a patch from upstream
to work with the latest XULRunner APIs.  Eclipse 3.5 (aka Galileo) works
with the latest XULRunner APIs so this is will no longer be necessary in
Fedora 12.



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