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It's been about 2 weeks since the last status update, so here's the latest:

Historical archives are here:


(appended below for convenience)

= Package updates =

== openstack-nova ==

nova was synced with the stable branch incorporating
[;a=commit;h=07d81d73 15 new fixes].

Alan Pevec also cleaned up the nova package dependencies removing many packages no longer needed by Essex.

== openstack-glance ==

glance was synced with the stable branch incorporating
[;a=commit;h=bee8b13d 5 new fixes]
including a change to stop auto creating the database on service start,
allowing for more robust control over the database.

== openstack-keystone ==

keystone was synced with the stable branch incorporating
[;a=commit;h=edd22d66 1 new fix].
Also included there was a package dependency cleanup.

Also related to dependency removal is the creation of a new
[ python-keystone-auth-token subpackage]
for keystone to minimize dependencies in certain multi host setups.

== oz ==

The OZ VM guest builder was updated to 0.8.0 in Fedora 16,17 and EPEL 6
which addressed many issues when using on current platforms.

= new packages =

== python-jsonschema ==

A [ python JSON schema validator was packaged] for Fedora
to support the upcoming OpenStack Folsom milestone 1 (glance uses this).
This is the first python JSON schema validator packaged for Fedora,
so should be generally useful outside of OpenStack.

== python-websockify and novnc ==

Adam Young prepared
[ python-websockify] and
[ noVNC] packages for review,
to support vnc access to openstack guests through the web dashboard.

== cloud-init for RHEL ==

An initial version of [ cloud-init for RHEL] was prepared.
There was immediate [ interest expressed] in adding the changes upstream.

= Misc =

== Fedora/RHEL OpenStack manuals ==

Anne Gentle prepared excellent [ Fedora/RHEL documentation for the OpenStack manuals],
which is currently under review upstream.

== Diablo on EPEL ==

There was a request from Brookhaven National Lab
as to how to continue using Diablo on RHEL (derivatives)
given that EPEL has now updated to the Essex release.
Older builds can be downloaded from koji, and these
in conjunction with the yum-priorities plugin can be
used to create a diablo repo on top of EPEL.
A [ convenience repository for Diablo on EPEL] was made available,
containing instructions on how it was created and how to use it.
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