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On 2012-02-21 16:16, Aaron Bento wrote:
I'm looking to provide some feedback on cloud-init and the F16 AMI's.
I'm not sure the proper place to file the bug against. I'm attempting to
place a simple shell script in user data to perform post-boot
configuration. This fails since I'm unable to execute anything within
user data. (I'm hoping eventually to use cloud-config syntax)

Please file cloud-init bugs against cloud-init. :-) Since it got into F16 as a last-minute effort only the minimum amount functionality necessary to make an EC2 image start actually works. So the more bugs we can root out on Fedora, the better.

The cloud-init startup process (sometime after placing the ssh keys) at
one point runs: /usr/bin/cloud-init-cfg all final During this stage,
run-parts gets run to actually execute the downloaded user data. It
fails with the following:

CalledProcessError: Command '['run-parts', '--regex', '.*',

The --regex flag is not accepted by the Fedora version of run-parts.
Debian/Ubuntu both have a compiled binary of run-parts that accepts this

I spoke with cloud-init's upstream maintainer about this a few days ago. AFAICT the ideal way to fix it is to stop using run-parts altogether since it is only there as a holdover from when cloud-init was just a shell script. If this turns out to be impossible to fix in the near future we will just have to carry a patch.
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