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Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 12:33:38 -0500
From: seth vidal <skvidal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I answered Denis immediately at the first post and he concurred it was
a problem. I like to think the conversation evolved as we discussed.

Yes, the conversation has shifted... Indeed, I mixed two distinct ideas:
1. One corresponding to an actual use case: using a private/trusted cloud service to do scratch, chain or even massive builds.
2. Another one corresponding to a dream, really: a P2P cloud, just because it sounds exciting, and would certainly be a USP (unique selling point) for Fedora.

From the answers, it seems that both ideas ring a bell. And, of course, the dream does not seem doable, mainly for security reason. Or it could be implemented as a proof-of-concept of all the technologies and skills, which Fedora gathers under its umbrella?

Nevertheless, for now, I am really interested by the item #1 above. For the #2, we never know. Maybe a GSoC, or something like that, could make it happen...

Thanks for having shared your thoughts!



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