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On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 12:08 PM, Mark McLoughlin <markmc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey,
> Everyone on the To: list has commit permissions on some of the OpenStack
> packages. It's quite a big list! :-)
> As more people get involved with packaging OpenStack in Fedora/EPEL, I
> think we need to figure out how to co-ordinate ourselves better. I had
> hoped we could use the cloud SIG mailing list for this but, in practice,
> I think folks are reluctant to spam everyone on the list with the nitty
> gritty details of what they're working on.
> I'm always reluctant to start another mailing list, but I think it might
> be warranted here. What say you to openstack@xxxxxxxxxxxx or even
> openstack-maint@xxxxxxxxxxxx? Maybe #fedora-openstack on Freenode too?

I don't think we have yet hit the traffic level that justifies
segmenting. Since September 1st there have only been 8 openstack
threads on the cloud list. I also think there is a tremendous benefit
in the wider visibility that the cloud sig list brings. If folks won't
'spam' the cloud list, I find it unlikely they'd spam the openstack
list. Similar thoughts re the irc channel.

> On a related note, I've been quick to approve requests for commit
> permissions on these packages in order to encourage folks to get
> involved. However, quite a few folks have ever used these permissions so
> I'm starting to think we should get require folks to have an actual
> contribution ready to commit before approving these requests.

Provided they are a packager already, I don't see much of a downside
for liberally granting access. It's true that when everyone is
responsible that no one is, but better to be too permissive than too

cloud mailing list

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