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> Bah, that's what I get for running repoquery against F15 really really
> early in the morning.
> And yes, it became a dependency because of RADOS support (technically
> the rados libraries only exist in Ceph.) Several folks have proposed
> creating ceph-libs to provide the libraries alone so ceph doesn't
> become a dependency, but that doesn't really solve this problem. Guess
> I'll dig much deeper into seeing if there were API/ABI changes.
> And as for why qemu has a hard dependency on ceph, I don't know.

Because RPM doesn't have a way to have "Suggests" rather than
"Requires".  Do you need this in f15 David?  If you do then I think we
should just do it, otherwise I think sticking to rawhide is probably
best, no reason to get fedora bureaucracy involved if nobody needs it
in F15.  Thanks,

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